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Latisse® Products

Latisse® $120.00

Anti-Aging Products

24 Karat Gold Flakes Cream $120.00
24 Karat Gold Flakes Serum $60.00
Diamond Sand Exfoliating Cream $60.00
Diamond Sand Exfoliating Mask $120.00

Dark Skin Pigmentation Products

Skin Bleach Cream $45.00
70%/80% Sunblock $30.00
Dry Touch Sunblock (Ultra Sport) $35.00
Shower Gel $20.00
Tooth Whitening Cream Contact Us for Pricing

Nutrition Products

Calcium Bottle $38.00
Vitamin for Healthy Bones $45.00

Weight Management Products

Food Packages Starting at $6.50/meal
Contact Us for Complete Pricing
Family Counseling Contact Us for Pricing
FDA Approved Pills May be covered by insurance
Contact Us for Details

Cosmetic Procedures

Botox® Injections -----
Contact Us for Details
Lip Augmentation $290.00
Cheek Augmentation $390.00
Chin Augmentation $190.00
Laugh Lines $390.00

Laser Hair Removal

Priced Per Session, Per Area
Under Arm $129.00
Legs $129.00
Upper Lip $129.00
Bikini Area $129.00
Facial Acne $129.00